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Jugal Kishore

Hey, My name is Jugal Kishore

Software Developer/DevOps Engineer

About Me I am a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA), and a self taught Python3 Developer.
I am interested in Linux, Containerization, DevOps, Cloud, and Networking.

Get to know me!

Hey! My name is Jugal Kishore and I'm a Software Developer/DevOps Engineer located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. I've completed my Bachelor's in Computer Applications, and now looking for job opportunities.

I'm obsessed with computers, and often I am either messing them up, or fixing them. Feel free to email me at

My Skills

BASH (Shell Scripting)
Continuous Integration/Development
GitHub Actions
Containerization (Docker)
Docker Compose
Ansible (Learning)
Application Program Interface (APIs)
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Microsoft Azure